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Scandinavian designed houses. Seamless turnkey deliveries.

Sommarnöjen designs, builds and delivers beautiful turnkey homes with nature in mind. Each house is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition and built with honest and sustainable materials.


Our turnkey house collection

Explore all our complete homes, guest houses and saunas.

Our turnkey house collection

Our houses

Explore all our complete homes, guest houses and saunas.

How it works

Dream big and leave
the details to us.

Lean back

It’s easy to forget that building a small house can be just as time-consuming and complicated as building a larger one. Our aim is to take the hassle out of this process and make the journey a breeze. So just sit back, relax and let us do all the work.

Whether you dream about a second home away from the crowds, a guest house, a pool house, or a private office next to your villa, we guide you through the process – from initial idea to a finished house. You will be provided with a dedicated project manager to ensure that our architects customise your house to fit your needs, and that it’s delivered on time.

Once your building permit is approved and partial payment is received, we’ll start producing your house in our factory. We take full responsibility for ensuring the quality of every detail, down to the tiniest towel hook. Throughout the process, our team maintains a close contact with you to keep you informed as we follow our own meticulous, and checkpoints. This way, we ensure that your house is perfect before it leaves our facility.

Following final inspection, we then package, transport and unload your house at the designated site. While we are building the house off-site, your local contractor can prepares everything on-site. Once the house has been unloaded at your site they will connect the electricity, water and plumbing. All you have to do is move in. No more work needed.

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Our houses are designed to
blend into the landscape,
rather then compete with it.

Every detail matters

Our houses are designed with beautiful proportions and built with materials that last for many generations. Clean and natural shapes blend into the landscape, rather than competee with it. A generous use of sliding doors and large windows takes you closer to the surrounding nature. Light, open interiors make use of the finest solid woods, sensitive surface treatments, and beautiful detailing to create a sense of harmony and simplicity.

Guided by a Scandinavian design philosophy, our architectural vision is to improve everyday life in harmony with nature. For us, this about “less is more” and using natural, sustainable and recyclable materials – with craftsmanship in every detail.

Our architects are obsessed with choosing details that enhance the overall impression. From the large, high-quality, triple-glazed sliding doors and wooden window frames to tiny towel hooks and window brackets, every detail matters. To create a cohesive feeling, we use the same muted tones in the hard wax oil floorboards, window frames, interior doors, and woodwork. Even the toilet paper holder and heated towel rack share the same stainless finish. Moulding and trim are kept to a minimum thanks to the quality of the finishing.

When it comes to materials, we refuse to compromise. That’s why we use honest natural materials that age with integrity. We never use plastics, PVC windows, laminated flooring, or harmful varnishes – both to preserve the environment and because we’d never want that in our own homes. Every detail needs to meet our demands on design and sustainability.

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The better the materials,
the longer the house lasts.
It's as simple as that.

Honest natural materials that age with integrity

We build homes that last for generations. It starts indoors in our controlled factory environment where craftsmen can work efficiently and thoroughly without interruption. Every stage of construction is monitored and double checked by two workers.

As there is no rain or bad weather in our factory, all of the materials and products for your house can be stored warm and dry. This also allows us to deliver your turnkey house, ready to go at any time of the year.

Each house is reinforced with a rigid steel structure that supports a wooden frame. The sturdy construction allows the house to be unloaded at your plot complete with furnishings, kitchen, and bathroom. We insulate with organic recycled fibres, in the inner walls as well. The ceilings are vaulted, and the floors are built with solid wooden planks. The bottom layer of the floor is reinforced with galvanised steel plates to protect against moisture and pests.

Traditional prefabricated houses often come in modules and other elements that require time-consuming assembly on site. Such constraints to not apply to our houses since we build the entire house in our factory. You will appreciate the lack of joints, mouldings and cover panels in our houses.

Many of our houses are situated along Scandinavian seashores or in the mountains where they get their fair share of rain and elements and where handymen might be few and far between.

To avoid extra carpentry and maintenance hassles, we’ve chosen robust materials from trusted supplier. Floors should be able to be sanded, woodwork oiled, and façades treated, over and over again. The better the materials, the longer the house lasts. It’s that simple.

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When you work in nature,
you learn to respect it.

The longer a house stands,
the better for the planet

Building your own custom house is less climate friendly than you might imagine. Often times, materials from multiple suppliers must be regularly transported to the site. Not to mention all the carpenters, electricians, plumbers, metalsmith ands, roofers who show up every day (if they show up). So, the number of trips by cars, vans and lorries starts to add up.

Our houses help to minimise this situation because they are prefabricated at our factory. This allows us to order materials in large batches and assemble everything very efficiently. By building in the same location where our employees live and limiting the number of shipments, we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint emissions from transports. On top of that, our employees are able to work close to their homes, which means more time with their own families.

When it comes to delivery, your house is transported in a single shipment. And because we unload a finished house with a crane, we avoid destroying the delicate flora of your land with a messy construction site. That’s a little kinder to nature on all fronts.

The materials we use are natural, non-toxic, and renewable. Surfaces are treated with natural flour paint or tar paints that are free from plastic or copper, which can be toxic to aquatic animals. When choosing our products, we always go with the more environmentally-friendly option, like, for example, eco-friendly insulation made from recycled glass.

Wood from Nordic timber is used throughout our houses: in the frames, interior walls, exterior walls, floors and almost every furnishing. While growing, trees also absorb carbon dioxide, storing it in their wood. Wood not only keeps energy consumption to a minimum, but it also traps carbon. On top of all that, wood is one of the most renewable materials.

Increasingly, our customers tell us they want eco-friendly buildings that are well insulated and reduce energy costs. Like us, they believe that houses built with love and care never go out of style. Houses with energy-efficient windows, natural materials, solid floorboards and joinery that can be sanded and restored when needed. No need for a new house when the next generation comes along. The longer a house stands, the better for the planet.

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Our projects

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