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Our story

We are a Stockholm-based company with a passion for building the most beautiful and sustainable houses in Europe.

It all started back in 2008 with three partners and a project out in Stockholm’s archipelago. Each of our founders has their own Sommarnöjen dream house tucked away among the more than 30,000 islands. In our case, Husarö, Skogsö and Dalarö.

Early on, we designed and built a small range of on-site holiday houses for friends and associates. Word spread and people loved the eco-friendly style, but cost was often a factor.

In 2014, we complemented this on-site range with a collection of modular houses that allowed us to create beautiful houses at a considerably lower cost. Customers could now receive a premium turnkey product without the hassle of on-site construction.

In 2017, Sommarnöjen expanded its range to include houses up to 120 square metres. In 2019, we launched an exciting collection of houses called “Vinter” for mountain living. This led to the development of a range of sustainable and energy-efficient homes for an active life out in nature.

In 2021, we started delivering a selection of our houses to the other Nordic countries – Norway, Denmark and Finland. From 2022 they are available to order all over Europe.

Sommarnöjen has delivered more than 600 projects and currently carries out more than 100 annually. Our team is a diverse mix of experienced architects, interior designers, and project managers, all of whom operate together under one roof. We also own and operate our own factory, which employs 75 people, including engineers, purchasers, logisticians, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and many more.

With so many resources at our fingertips, decisions can be made more quickly and problems solved even faster.

Sommarnöjen is a privately owned company, and all the original partners are still active. We have no proprietors, no private equity firms and no loans. This allows us to have a long-term vision, both for the houses we develop and the relationships we cultivate.

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