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How it works

Simplicity and flexibility. In short, that how it works.
After 15 years as the leading manufacturer of premium houses in Scandinavia, we have developed a process that saves you time and effort. You can choose between three distinct architectural styles and three beautiful interior styles and combine them with the house size and floor plan of your choice.Then add your personal touch by our selection of surface materials, treatments and extras.

The house journey

The fact is that building a small house can be just as time-consuming and complicated as building a larger one. Our aim is to take the hassle out of this process and make the journey a breeze – in a simple, step-by-step process. So just sit back, relax, and let us do all the work.

Initial consultation

We want you to be a customer for life, which is why it’s so important for us to be honest, transparent, and listen hard – right from the start. This begins with our initial consultation where we get to know your lifestyle, discuss your specific requirements, and help you find a house that ticks off all the boxes on your “wish list.”

Like you, our aim is to maximize the full potential of your plot. Which is why we tend to ask a lot of questions around this topic initially. Like what do other buildings in the area look like? How is the surrounding landscape? Does your plot have an incline and how can we use the topography to your advantage? What is the sun’s path throughout the day and what is the prevailing wind direction? Where are the best views and where do you need privacy?

Our house models come in a wide range of sizes and styles that can be customised to meet your preferred layout, architectural style and interior style. And why not personalise your house with unique windows, colours and add-ons?

Fixed-price offer

Once you’ve decided which house is perfect for you, we will give you a fixed-price offer. Our price always includes a fully assembled, turnkey house and the trailer transport from our factory to your plot.

Costs associated with securing building permits and lifting your house from our trailer to the construction site by crane are not included in our price. Nor does our scope of delivery include building the foundation work or connecting electricity, water and plumbing. These tasks must be negotiated and agreed with local contractors.

Conditional purchase agreement

Upon approval of our quote, a conditional purchase agreement is signed between you and us for a prefabricated house to be delivered a fixed price. You make a pre-booking payment of 10 EUR that guarantees you a fixed price assuming you decide that production shall start within sex months. In case of cancellation, regardless of reason, the pre-booking payment of 10 EUR accrues to us and will not be refunded.”

Accessibility check

Once the agreement is signed, we will check and confirm that the road to the construction site is passable and that your selected house can be lifted by the crane. If needed, we will also contact a local crane company to make sure it’s possible to lift your house to the desired position on the plot.

Complete drawings for building permit and foundation

Once we confirm that the house can be delivered, we will send you a package of drawings and other technical documentation needed to apply for a building permit in your municipality. You will also receive the documents required by your local contractor to build the foundation and connect electricity, water, and plumbing.

Construction with a set delivery date

Factory construction commences once you’ve placed an order and paid the starting invoice (30 % of contracted amount) to our account. Any last-minute changes to specifications can be made up until the start of production. After that, no changes can be made.Once your house enters production, you will get a clear time plan indicating when it will be ready so you know when you can move in and start using it.

Preparations on your plot

While your house is being built in our factory, your local contractor will prepare the foundation and start planning for the electricity, water, and plumbing.

The house will be delivered to you turnkey, with finished furnishings and fully insulated floor joists. Thanks to that, your house can stand on a simple plinth foundation, regardless of how hilly or flat your plot is. Both the environment and your wallet will thank you for it.

We are available to support your local contractor and can answer any questions.


Once your house is completed in our factory, we will transport it to your plot. A mobile crane, rented from your local crane company and situated along the road, will then unload your new home at the site. In conjunction with delivery, you will also pay the delivery invoice (70 % of total amount) for your house.

Once the building has been delivered, the local contractor you’ve hired will need to arrange for the services to be connected, such as electricity, water, and plumbing. We recommend you have an inspector check the house to ensure there are no issues and that everything has been done correctly. If there are any errors detected, it is our responsibility to remedy them free of charge.

Liability after purchase

In accordance with EU consumer law, we are liable for manufacturing defects that are discovered within the first two years. In addition, we offer a third year of responsibility as stated in Swedish consumer law.

How it works

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Our turnkey house collection

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Explore all our complete homes,
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